Past Talks

   2021-12-08 Survival Analysis with R Tidymodels Presentation Jenny Smith  Notes

   2021-10-05 Building R Packages for Yourself and Others Reiko Okamoto  Notes

   2021-09-28 Using .gitignore Jess Chandler  Notes

   2021-09-28 GitHub Websites Kim Dill-McFarland  Notes

   2021-09-28 Using GitHub Actions to Deploy a Blogdown Site Katie Masiello  Notes

   2021-09-28 Intermediate Git and Github - Security Jenny Smith  Notes

   2021-09-28 Github CLI Madison Swain-Bowden  Notes

   2021-07-20 Dimensionality Reduction Tutorial PCA and UMAP Anabel Ruggiero  Notes

   2021-05-26 Practice talks for CascadiaRConf Katie Jolly, Kim Dill-McFarland, and Nicole Kauer  Notes

   2021-04-07 How to Give a Good Conference or Meetup Talk Dr. Kate Hertweck, Dr. Marie Vendettuoli, and Kara Woo moderated by Isabella Velásquez  Notes

   2021-04-02 git through April Kim Dill-McFarland, Monica Gerber, Isabella Velásquez, Madison Swain-Bowden, with Katie Jolly, Jenny Smith, Lauren Wolfe, Pamela Moriarty in collaboration with the Carpentries  Notes

   2021-03-16 Writing Presentations in R Silvia Canelón and Katie Jolly  Notes

   2021-02-10 Parallel Processing in R Brittany Barker  Notes

   2021-01-14 Version control with git and GitHub-- An introduction to git tools to help you collaborate across space and time Kim Dill-McFarland  Notes

   2021-01-14 How reproducible code is helping me learn to make clearer, more compelling figures Tracy Fuentes  Notes

   2021-01-14 Writing research papers with reproducible analysis using R Markdown compendia Li-Ying Wang  Notes

   2020-08-05 What do penguins have to do with being anti-racist? Isabella Velásquez  Notes

   2020-03-24 R Help and Debugging Christine Stawitz  Notes

   2020-03-24 Writing reproducible examples to get ‘good help’ Katie Jolly  Notes

   2019-10-29 Why a style guide is more important than you think Monica Gerber  Notes

   2019-10-29 Using R in design projects Katie Jolly  Notes

   2019-10-29 Taming, tidying and visualizing longitudinal data, or data sets that keep me up at night Claire Levy  Notes

   2019-10-29 Attack of the Zombie Data Natalie Miller  Notes

   2019-08-28 Code Reviews Carrie Bennette  Notes

   2019-08-28 A Non-Technical Talk on Code Review Lauren Wolfe  Notes

   2019-07-16 Tools for Behavioral Health Analytics Carolina Johnson  Notes

   2019-07-16 Using Shiny to Understand Immunologists Helen Miller  Notes

   2019-07-16 A Shiny app for projecting marine mammal populations Megsie Siple  Notes

   2019-07-16 Taking a Peek at Hiking Data Using R Isabella Velásquez  Notes

   2019-07-16 NCBI Hackathons Jenny Smith  Notes

   2019-07-16 Can you paint with all the colors of R Markdown? Jessica Marx  Notes

   2019-07-16 Data Automation to Support Fisheries Management at Dams Megan Stachura  Notes

   2019-07-16 Fast and Furrr-ious - Parallelized Purrr Pamela Moriarty  Notes

   2019-05-22 Learning R Malisa Smith  Notes

   2019-05-22 Building Community Stefanie Butland  Notes

   2019-02-17 Intro to Shiny Megsie Siple  Notes

   2019-01-29 Intro to R's S4 class Chao-Jen Wong  Notes

   2019-01-29 Basics of data structures in R Rachael Tatman  Notes

   2018-11-28 Careers and Use Cases Talks Marie Jordan  Notes

   2018-11-28 Fish & FASDS - Data Visualization Strategies and Techniques Kelly Mistry  Notes

   2018-10-29 History of R Pamela Moriarty  Notes

   2018-10-29 Shiny Tips and Tricks Megsie Siple  Notes

   2018-10-29 Tracking Gas Mileage Kara Woo  Notes

   2018-10-29 Project Management Using R Liz Kellogg  Notes

   2018-09-24 Data Science Portfolios Rachael Tatman  Notes

   2018-08-28 RStudio add-ins Rebecca Ferrell  Notes

   2018-08-28 riverdist Kerice Doten-Snitker  Notes

   2018-07-23 Blogdown for What Isabella Velásquez  Notes

   2018-06-25 Intro to Drake Christine Stawitz  Notes

   2018-06-25 Intro to Git Chaya Jones  Notes

   2018-05-23 Making contributions to established R projects Kara Woo  Notes

   2018-05-23 Blogging and Contributing to R Projects Maëlle Salmon  Notes

   2018-04-23 Spatial Data Visualizations Aysegul Kramer  Notes

   2018-03-19 Solving a Polyalphabetic Cypher Nissa Ferm  Notes

   2018-03-19 How to Give a Lightning Talk Rachael Tatman  Notes

   2018-03-19 Intro to Shiny Bethany Yollin  Notes

   2018-03-19 Intro to Accessing Web API Data Nina Cesare  Notes